Workplace Analytics Workshop


An organization’s success is driven by how its people work, collaborate, and execute together.

We’ll design a private workshop to correlate your organization’s financial and operational performance and provide a clear path to identify behaviors that produce the best outcomes. Protect employee well-being by identifying and scaling successful collaboration practice behaviors. • Define business challenges with related data and metrics • Identified hypotheses to analyze and act upon with proposed solutions • Agreed success measurements and estimated impacts to your business outcomes • Proposed solution design and stakeholders Day 1 AGENDA: -WpA Overview: With your team having a better understanding of the Workplace Analytics, we can now bring a group business-focused individuals together to define your vision, objectives, scope and a demo. -Organizational Resilience with WpA: One of our WpA experts will lead a hands-on training experience in creating queries on organizational resilience, customer journey and goals. -Introduction to WpA Outcomes and Example Analyses: Showcase WpA business case development with examples and analysis from previous clients that relate to the industry of the company. -Next steps (30 minutes): Discuss action items and next step with the client.