Power BI Roadmap: 1-Day Assessment

Optimum CS

An assessment of your data analytics and reporting needs to provide you with a roadmap for implementing and adopting Microsoft Power BI in your organization.

In this one-day engagement, we will review and assess your current data sources and data models, systems of record hosting your data, as well as your BI and reporting needs. We will then help you create a roadmap with actionable recommendations to implement or enhance Microsoft Power BI for your organization, addressing your user experience, data models and architecture, and systems integration for data aggregation. Our "certified" Power BI specialists and solution architects will work with your team to conduct this assessment and develop the roadmap and recommendations.

Deliverables: At the end of this assessment, you will have the following deliverables: - A documentation of your current data and reporting structure and environment - A list of recommendations you can implement to improve the effectiveness of your data ecosystem and BI reporting, including data modeling recommendations, proposed data architecture, systems integration options, and Power BI best practices. - A roadmap providing actionable items to design, develop, deploy, and maintain your Power BI environment - Estimate of time and effort needed to achieve your Power BI goals

Based on your preference, the assessment can be performed remotely or on-premises. (T&C Apply)