Power BI Governance and Usage Reports: 2-Wk Implementation

Pomerol Partners Ltd

Track your entire organization’s Power BI usage from a single report

Power BI Governance and Usage Dashboard

The Situation

Out-of-the-box Power BI usage reports are limited to specific workspaces – admins can’t view report usage across multiple workspaces or check for improper use of Premium features. Additionally, admins can’t analyse long-term trends as usage reports only show the last 30 days’ data. Without access to company-wide consumption details, admins can’t ensure teams are following org guidelines and best practices.

Our Solution

Our Power BI Governance report tracks your organisation’s Power BI adoption details and usage patterns for reports across all workspaces. Admins can easily identify clusters of reports that are refreshing at the same time, failing frequently, or refreshing slowly. A single point of access, our report helps you make quick decisions regarding your organisation’s Premium capacity workload.

With Our Solution, You Can

  • Export your organisation’s Power BI usage data.
  • View adoption details (total report users and viewers over time).
  • Access refresh history, workspace-level governance, and data sources across reports

Target Audience

  • Power BI admins
  • Premium capacity admins
  • Leadership of organisations in the process of adopting Power BI


  • Utility that pulls data daily with Power BI Admin REST APIs (data is stored in an SQL database)
  • Ability to slice data by report, browser, consumption type, and location
  • Consolidated overview of high-refresh times
  • List of users with access to workspaces, including type of access
  • Enterprise gateway details, including available data sources and user access list
  • Highlights how often users use specific Power BI functions such as Export, Analyse in Excel, Download Reports, and Edits
  • Identifies pro users that haven’t used pro features in the last few months

Prerequisite 1 Service Principal (AAD application) with access to query Admin REST APIs

Prerequisite 2 Non-MFA account with admin access to tenant and premium capacity