Power BI Jumpstart Onsite: 3-Day Proof of Concept

P3 Adaptive

A three-day workshop designed to accelerate adoption of Power BI by rapidly building a proof of concept.

A P3 Adaptive consultant will come on site for three days to work closely with a small group of stakeholders and coach them through an agile development exercise. At the end, the organization will have new skills, a greater understanding of how Power BI relates to the key business and IT goals, and a solid start on a specific solution.

The standard agenda is

Pre-session Hour long call prior to onsite to identify target project, if possible, or to discuss criteria for selecting a suitable project.

Half Day Intro Meet with key stakeholders to identify target project (if not already done), discuss project requirements, and understand how the project fits into the context of the organization’s overall IT and business goals.

Two Day Core Co-development work on the identified project. Consultant works with a small group of analysts and developers as a coach and troubleshooter to build out a proof of concept and explain key Power BI concepts.

Half Day Close Debrief and discussion of next steps.

Within this framework we can customize elements to suit the customer’s specific needs. However, this format is based on our experience of what works best to ensure both a meaningful introduction to Power BI and a practical outcome that puts the organization on track to solving a real-world problem.