Power BI Healthcare Dashboard Accelerator: 6 Wk Assessment & Implementation

Prelude Systems Inc

Unlock the potential of healthcare data with Power BI's Accelerator - Visualize, analyze, optimize.

The Power BI Healthcare Accelerator is a package of several pre-built data models, data sets, and visualizations to optimize the hospital and patient management systems, forecast disease trends to customize treatment options, and monitor critical KPIs such as bed occupancy rate, emergency room waiting time, and more. Our accelerator package is built with a simple user experience and rapid adoption capability.

The built-in accurate stroke prediction is based on Random Forest Classifier and Naïve Bayes algorithms, and we used Support Vector Classifier for disease prediction. You can instantly leverage the ready-to-use healthcare dashboard with metrics such as bed occupied rate, readmission rate, and treatment costs/stay, the patient summary dashboard with KPIs such as patient details, symptoms and diagnosis, and drug cost/stay, the medical dashboard with measures such as total medicine cost, unit cost, and total medicine count.

The healthcare industry faces various challenges that impede progress, such as:

  • Lack of a system to monitor patient experience and staff shortage
  • Complex disease prediction mechanism without standard metrics
  • Legacy, siloed reporting infrastructure such as Excel and SSRS affect data quality
  • Lack of real-time data synchronization results in manual reporting and data errors
  • Manual methods delay data analysis and predictive model building

Business Benefits:

  • Centralized reporting structure with 45-60% functional coverage with accurate metrics such as treatment cost, diagnosis, medicines available, and more.
  • Continuous, real-time insights and forecasts on critical KPIs such as stroke prediction by age and gender, average inpatient admission count/day, and patient wait time.
  • Easily customizable reports and dashboards with various chart types and filter selections to improve data visualization.
  • Simple Excel to Power BI migration allows users to quickly access extensive collaboration and sharing features.
  • Highly improved performance compared to Excel, SSRS, and other legacy reporting tools resulting in better, faster, and more accurate analysis.
  • Python-based forecast reports and analytical data models allow users to create custom predictive models quickly.
  • Near real-time data synchronization ensures that reports are always up-to-date and accurate.
  • Healthcare industry dashboards and reports are built based on insights from industry experts and extensive research.

Note: The cost provided is based on our experience with similar programs. We will provide you with a detailed estimate and timeline once we have evaluated your specific needs and requirements.

The cost includes one week of assessment and five weeks of delivery for four dashboards, including two highly complex and two medium complexity dashboards.