Information Governance 4 week Assessment


Empowering companies and their users through the power of Microsoft 365

The PwC Information Governance & Privacy (IG&P) practice helps organizations implement the Microsoft 365 platform to empower virtual collaboration, document and records management, and the appropriate information governance and security controls to deploy teams and manage risks throughout the information lifecycle. PwC enhances the employee experience that results in increased adoption and usage of Microsoft 365 that helps organizations improve access to information and provides employees the opportunity to focus on higher-value activities versus searching for information. In addition, organizations can experience a reduction in operation costs, acceleration of time-to-market, and improved innovation.

PwC Rapid Assessment and Strategy

  1. Regardless of where your organization is on your Microsoft 365 journey we can help.
  2. Develop Collaboration, Document and Records Management Strategy and High-Level Implementation Roadmap
  3. Leveraging the PwC Information Governance Framework conduct collaborative visioning workshops to co-create Microsoft 365 strategy
  4. Identify relevant leading practices and recommendations for future state activities
  5. Conduct executive briefing with leadership to obtain buy in

Assessment Deliverables (Approx. 3-4 week engagement) Rapid Microsoft 365 Collaboration, Document and Records Management Strategy Assessment Rapid Microsoft 365 Collaboration, Document and Records Management High-Level Implementation Roadmap