Viva Employee Experience Consulting and Implementation - 4 weeks approx.

Proventeq Ltd

Re-design the experience of work to support individual and company growth by re-imagining all aspects of why, how and where people work.

Transform productivity and the employee experience with Microsoft Viva. Proventeq provides assessment, design, strategy and implementation of Viva Connections, Insights, Learning, Goals and Topics.

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and employee experience insights to foster a culture where people can thrive. With Viva, employees and teams are empowered to collaborate and perform their best from anywhere. Microsoft Viva is more than just a digital workspace or a collection of apps. Viva provides a platform strong enough to support a deep focus on the organizational transformations vital to meeting workforce expectations. A holistic employee experience will improve efficiency, raise profits, employee satisfaction, and strengthen competitive advantage.

Transform your hybrid work experience to accelerate learning, increase productivity, organize knowledge, and effectively communicate with your employees through the following modules:

Viva Connections to keep employees engaged and informed with unified collaboration tools Viva Insights to empower employees to balance their productivity and wellbeing Viva Topics to improve employee experience by connecting them with knowledge and subject matter experts, Viva Learning to enhance skillsets and knowledge with access to key learning sources, and Viva Goals to position your organization's strategic objectives and key results front and centre of the employee experience.

Proventeq's Viva Employee Experience Consulting and Implementation services work with you to reimagine your current internal employee experience tools, such as an intranet or knowledge management, in order to increase and improve meaningful engagement with employees, including a focus on content and establishing improved governance and ownership protocols.

Proventeq will work with you to understand your priorities, challenges, and culture to design a solution that meet your needs. ;

  1. Identify the modules that can provide the most value to your organisation
  2. Assess the existing environment
  3. Develop a strategy for implementation and ongoing governance
  4. A roadmap outlining dependencies with clear next steps
  5. Implement one, a combination of, or all of the Viva suite - Connections, Insights, Learning, Goals and Topics