Microsoft Front Row Experience - 10 Weeks - Implementation

Red Thread Spaces LLC

The Microsoft Front Row Experience consolidated into a single SKU or "In-a-box" product for quick and simple deployment

Red Thread has created a simple-to-sell solution for Microsoft's Front Row experience. This offer includes a pre-configured design in which Red Thread will provide and install a Microsoft Teams Front Row room system using a new 105-inch Diagonal, 21:9 display measuring 8’ wide x 3.4” high designed for the new Microsoft Teams Room Front Row layout or dual display. Local presentation and content sharing will be via wirelessly sharing on a Teams meeting or via a wired HDMI connection at the table.

This includes a custom table manufactured by Create by Red Thread will provide optimal viewing angles for camera pickup to provide the smart gallery of the Microsoft Front Row layout. The table will also have Qty 3 table boxes with AC, USB and USB C power modules. A tabletop Logitech Tap touch screen will provide a native Microsoft Teams experience and connect to the system at the table box. Audio pickup will be via a ceiling microphone array and audio playback will be via four (4), ceiling-recessed speakers.

Installation is quoted during regular business hours and performed by non-Union workforces.

The client is responsible for ensuring a clear path to bring the display into the room, for bracing the wall for the display, for ensuring clear cable paths, for providing network feeds and electrical outlets at the wall box and ceiling enclosure, for providing electrical outlets beneath the table, for providing the Microsoft Teams license, and for providing IT support to bring the system on-line.

Tax, Travel, and Freight not included