Viva Implementation: 3-Month Program


Advisory (i.e., design and strategy) and implementation services for a Viva Suite implementation. Viva Connections is our baseline, plus other workloads incorporated at customer's discretion.

Microsoft Viva is more than just a digital workspace or a collection of apps. Viva provides a platform strong enough to support a deep focus on the organizational transformations vital to meeting workforce expectations. A holistic employee experience will improve efficiency, raise profits, strengthen overall employee satisfaction, and fortify competitive advantage. Rightpoint believes Viva is the platform that makes this possible.

Rightpoint will redesign your organization's existing intranet in order to increase and improve meaningful engagement with employees, including a focus on content and establishing improved governance and ownership protocols. Our north star is to treat employees as customers and nurture them with the same level of care and attention. When we reimagine your intranet with Microsoft Viva Connections and our Spark Workspace accelerator, you’ll be well on your way to creating the same people-centered climate and culture. Rightpoint will use its proprietary "SPARK" SharePoint Workspace Accelerator to efficiently redesign the intranet using Microsoft Viva components.

Key objectives include:

(1) Complete design/discovery for a new digital workspace (intranet), built on Viva Connections and Rightpoint's Spark Workspace accelerator, and including up to two (2) existing additional Viva components and/or new Viva components upon their general availability.

(2) Assessment of the existing environment

(3) Development of a phased roadmap for implementation and ongoing governance

(4) Implementation of Microsoft Viva Connections, and additional Viva components as identified by the Design and Roadmap phases.