SEIDOR Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365 1-Month Implementation


We promote and respond to the current needs of companies in terms of mobility, security, productivity, communication and collaboration through the evolution of their workstations

Design of the strategy for the technological transformation of the future workstation and the consumption model for collaboration tools with Microsoft 365

  • Business continuity for the performance of daily activities in a mobile situation
  • Protection against cyber-attacks to avoid business discontinuity and reputational impact (Microsoft Defender)
  • Improved efficiency at the business level to be more competitive (Sharepoint Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business)
  • Change Management and Adoption aimed at improving employee collaboration and productivity (PROSCI methodology)
  • Technology training plan for managers (Microsoft Learn Partner)
  • Evolution of integrated collaborative environment with video conferencing and enterprise voice devices (Microsoft Teams Calling, Microsoft Meetings and Meeting Rooms)
  • Modern Workplace governance definition (Microsoft Security Optimization Assessmenet, Microsoft Governance Assessment)
  • Administrative, usage and security alert management (Microsoft Dedenfer, Azure Sentinel)
  • Transformation from OnPremise to Cloud services (Modern Workplace deployment plan by SEIDOR)
  • Modern Workplace Managed Service (Microsoft 365 Managed Service by SEIDOR)