Microsoft Advisory Services Managed


Drive Value and Cost Savings Throughout the Microsoft Cloud Investment Lifecycle

The Microsoft Advisory Managed Service has been designed to provide consultancy services as an ongoing offering. Our team enables you to drive value and cost savings throughout your Microsoft 365 and Azure cloud investment lifecycle. Through our service you will benefit from a roadmap aligned with Microsoft 365 (technology & license stack), predictable costs and reduced complexity.

Our service delivers this outcome by ensuring you have a right-sized, technology-led and time-appropriate investment plan for Microsoft 365 and Azure that meets both short and long terms requirements, and through ongoing provision of the following key deliverables:

Key Benefits

  • Driving value and managing spend throughout the Azure investment
  • Right-sizing & right-costing contracts in line with business strategy
  • People & knowledge to continuously manage and optimize license contracts
  • Understand the licensing impact of technology decisions and prevent unfavorable contract terms
  • Fact-based vendor insights to benchmark contracts and pricing