Viva Goals: 6-Wk of Implementation

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6 weeks of implementation of Viva Goals with the objective of aligning the work of individuals with the objectives of the team and the organization.

Microsoft Viva Goals helps organizations to align their objectives and drive business results. It is a system for managing and establishing common goals in work teams, aligned with the strategic priorities of the organization. Viva Goals is based on the objectives and key results (OKR), which bring several benefits:

*They shift the focus from results to impact. *They create cross-functional cooperation to unify direction and improve collaboration.

Viva Goals offers a broad perspective of the current and future of the company's objectives, enabling rapid decision making and responsiveness to change. Overcast accompanies you in the implementation of Viva Goals to make it possible. *Help organizations navigate rapid change and reduce risk. *Create documented, measurable, and owned clarity. *Inspire and encourage participation.