Dynamics 365 Business Central Job Shops Basic: 6-Wk Implementation

Solution Systems, Inc.

Our Dynamics 365 Business Central for Job Shops Basic Implementation Package is perfect for the startup Job Shop as well as the established Job Shop needing base functionality.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is one of the leading ERP systems to best meet the needs of your job shop. It enables you to track and compare estimated costs to actual costs throughout the entire lifecycle of a job which makes your business operate more accurately, quickly and efficiently. Reduce errors, complete customer orders on budget and on time and become more profitable with Business Central.

Deliverables / Functionality

  • Project Management Role Center
  • Jobs
  • Job Statistics
  • Tasks and task groups
  • Statistics by Transaction Type: Item, Resource & G/L Account
  • Identify Job by Description field
  • Statistics shows Est. to Actual Cost variances
  • Displays Est. and Actual Profitability
  • Job Factbox to show Original Budget costs
  • Purchasing for Stock includes Job Planning Lines
  • Show Job billing on Sales Invoices
  • Enter multiple Billable Planning Lines per Job & Task
  • View billable planning lines at Job Task Level
  • % of Completion, Milestone, Item, & Service Billing
  • Revenue recorded to the Job as a Sale Job Ledger
  • Create Job from Job Card
  • Get default field values from Jobs Setup
  • “Copy Job” to startup Tasks and Planning Lines
  • Manual updating planning lines dates and costs
  • Manual entry of planning dates
  • Batch Update all planning line dates
  • Posting Job Production as Positive Entry in Item Journal
  • Job Journal Usage Posting to Jobs w/Item Tracking
  • PO Posting to Jobs w/Item Tracking
  • Build your own Rapid Start Package
  • Job Planning lines copied from previous job
  • Manual setup of Jobs Setup, and Job Posting Groups
  • Manual setup of Job templates with tasks
  • Five WIP Method (Provided in base BC)
  • Basic Dynamics 365 Business Central Job Cost Reports Included

Additional Services Available Upon Request

  • Custom Enhancements / Programming
  • End User Training & Documentation
  • Power BI Manufacturing Dashboards
  • CRM – Dynamics 365 for Sales or Internal Dynamics 365 Business Central CRM