Expand Microsoft 365 eXperience: 3-Weeks Implementation


3-Weeks Proof Of Concept to play a new digital stream in house

SQLI helps you to extend your Microsoft 365 usages using Power Platform and Teams to provide a new better experience for your employees. With our expertise on customer and employee journey, we analyze your back-office processes for more efficiency. With our UX/UI designers we help you to discover how to boost your Microsoft 365 usages with automation, and consequently foster adoption of your teams.

3 weeks will be dedicated to discover Microsoft 365 and deploy automation use cases. The first week is dedicated to Identify weaknesses and pain points; we will define with you how to transform your process and use cases to be more efficient regarding your business needs. Also, quick wins could be further explored with automates.

The other 2 weeks are focused on a POC methodology to enrich your business and test our hypothesis. Within ten working days, our team will provides an MVP with Microsoft solution assets: Teams, Microsoft 365, Power automate, Power Apps. Finally, we will take the opportunity to enlarge the vision by a short training on Microsoft paradigm. Indeed, the ultimate goal of using this methodology is to enforce the customer and employee eXperience.

⭐Details Week 1⭐ in workshop n°1, we analyze with you : - A list of recuring actions in a selected process with high consumption of times - A list of pain points on a specific process or sub-activities

Deliverables : backlog or actions plan, list of quick wins for remediation, summary recommendations and best practices, then a proposition of a new use case to automate.

⭐Details Weeks 2⭐ We will make a proof of concept to verify if automation use case is efficient

⭐Details Weeks 3⭐ We will improve the selected use case with a second iteration driven with UX designer.

Deliverables : we conclude the POC with new recommendations, then we train your teams (four people) around Microsoft 365 adoption.