Zone Management System : 6-Wk Implementation

Systems Ltd

A unified, integrated, out-of-the-box solution enterprise resource management solution facilitating key competencies of zone management

A unified, cloud-based, integrated and customized ERP solution offers a comprehensive and real-time view of all critical functions of zone management, including sales, commercial services, compliance management systems, aftercare, administration, facilities, and asset management.

With the ZMS Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales-powered module, you can seamlessly navigate through all these areas and review real-time updates on all these critical functions, including inquires, prospects, booking, reservations and cancelation.

Our comprehensive solution enables organizational leaders to efficiently utilize resource management through its built-in and unparalleled features, facilitating rapid development. It also boasts a zero-cost infrastructure, ultimately reducing OPEX, with the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with any portal or back-office systems.

Product features

  • Optimized logistics operations including gate, warehouse, transport, reefer/cold storage, yard, equipment, and abandoned goods management with an integrated software suite.
  • Efficient lifecycle management from registration and geo-coding to pricing, booking, and retirement with comprehensive asset management solution.
  • Facilities management from maintenance to contractor oversight, with a comprehensive solution and platform.
  • Finance integration through a unified payment gateway for receivable payables.
  • Optimized user roles with user role localization along with case-specific configurations
  • Commercial lease agreements, utility meter readings, container yard usage, open storage, and waste disposal access through an integrated solution.
  • Effortless sales inquiries, prospect and application KYC verification, contact management, account reservation, and booking management.
  • Simplified administrative tasks including company registration licenses, building permits, EHS approvals, work permits, employee visas, and letters.
  • Streamlined aftercare services allowing you to manage customer complaints, feedback, profiles, lease details, service reports, financial insights, trade data, and communication records

Product benefits

  • Optimized sales management
  • Efficient admin operations
  • Cutting-edge commercial solutions
  • Aftercare services
  • Streamlined asset management
  • Seamless finance integration
  • Unified facilities management
  • Robust compliance & monitoring