Viva: Safety Hub: 6Wk Implementation


Velrada’s My Safety Hub is the first, fully connected Viva Connections enabled safety solution that provides a central location within your corporate Intranet to keep your remote workforce up to date

Viva Connections enabled safety hub solution will help you protect your staff, whether they work alone, in teams, are on the road or on-site. This solution is best suited but not limited to businesses operating in the resources sector, logistics and warehousing, as well as, health and Not for Profit businesses. It is designed to help you protect your workers and your company by providing one place to go for duty of care, compliance and peace of mind. It brings people, data and insights together in a single customised dashboard. Our team will work with you to understand your culture, priorities and challenges to help you configure a solution that meets your needs.

  • Support your employees around the clock with access to robust safety protocols all powered by * Microsoft Viva Connections on any device.
  • Enhance safety compliance for your employees with immediate access to safety updates, policies and topics all embedded within your Connections enabled Intranet
  • Provide a quick check-in before the day starts, provide one place to go for G2G passes, vaccination certificates, PPE management, safety updates and fatigue status
  • A one-stop safety hub for occupational health and safety that provides your people access to key safety processes all in one place

Terms, conditions, visuals and pricing are custom to each engagement.