Viva Topics Organisational Knowledge Management: 6-Wk Implementation


Get started with Microsoft Viva Topics to retain organisational knowledge and accelerate time to productivity for new hires.

Knowledge loss has become a critical issue for many businesses, especially with high rates of employee turnover. What’s more, company data is ever increasing in volume and increasingly dispersed. This means knowledge artifacts are often lost in the data heap. The collective knowledge that your employees have about your products, services, customers and business processes is one of your most valuable assets. To reduce the impact of SMEs leaving your organisation, capturing that knowledge isn’t enough; it must be organised and easily discoverable.

Microsoft Viva Topics is an integrated knowledge management solution in Microsoft 365. It builds on the Microsoft 365 apps and content you already use every day and empowers employees to share their knowledge. By leveraging search, Viva Topics transforms your dispersed data into a centralised Knowledge Base. AI automatically identifies and organises your content into topic pages, which can then be curated and refined by human experts.

Velrada is one of Microsoft’s most awarded partners with an extensive track record in delivering knowledge base solutions utilising the Microsoft 365 platform. With our change management expertise, we can support you to build both a system and a culture where organisational knowledge is retained, organised and easily discoverable. Our team will work with you to understand your priorities, challenges and culture to configure a Viva Topics solution that meets your needs.

Key features

*Topic Center provides centralised knowledge discovery and management and can be accessed through SharePoint or Microsoft Teams *AI automates topic identification and organisation *Topic cards appear in context across Microsoft 365 applications and search *Topic visibility is governed by privacy controls and existing access permissions

Terms, conditions and pricing are custom to each engagement.