Automate with RPA: 4-Wk Implementation

Withum Digital

Supercharge your business processes with desktop automation powered by Power Automate.

Break free from repetitive manual tasks. Our RPA automation solution will allow you to:

  • Make manual data entry a thing of the past
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Do more with less

Whether you have legacy systems that can't talk to each other or circumstances that prevent you from moving some workloads to the cloud, desktop automation can enable a 'hands-off' approach to data entry. Fewer errors, faster data entry, and process standardization are just some benefits. Additionally, if you find yourself with fewer staff to do the same amount of work, automation can help you bridge the gap. It's a guaranteed force multiplier.

In this 4-week implementation, our Power Platform experts will work with you to:

  1. Analyze current process pain points and tools. Facilitate cross-functional discussions to document ideal future state. Evaluate organizational readiness to automate key processes. Plan an implementation roadmap and establish success metrics.
  2. Assist in the selection of two to three automation candidates. Create Desktop and Cloud automation for each. Deploy, test and train your staff to maintain the automation.
  3. Review Reporting for your Desktop and Cloud flows to determine health and usage. Assist in evaluating the ROI for deployed automation. Plan for next steps based on the automation roadmap.

*Note, pricing reflects 2-3 automation candidates.