Viva Connections Home Site: 4 Week Implementation


Enrich employee engagement by bringing news, resources & business apps directly to your employees, in one intranet site, with Viva Connections.

In an increasingly information-driven hybrid workplace, there is a greater need to establish a one source of truth for employees about all facets of your organization, including matters related to their employee experience – news, guidance, processes, business apps, and conversations – to help them thrive at work.

YEAPS BEST for Building Viva Connections Home Site will bring project management, technical, and creative communication abilities to the process of building for employees a home site that is not just beautiful, but also functional and valuable.

YEAPS is your partner from creation to launch throughout 5 steps:

  1. PLAN – Our team will work to learn all priorities and goals, then evaluate which Microsoft apps and custom ones will be best for an organization, in order to ultimately help create a blueprint for the intranet site.
  2. DEVELOP – For an end-product that’s not just beautiful but easy to create, manage and use, avail from a variety of beautiful, quick-to-deploy templates and widgets from our friends at Powell Intranet.
  3. BUILD – From the approved architecture and design, we will put together an organization’s Viva Connections home site and test it for functionality.
  4. TRAIN – We will conduct a training session to not just equip an organization’s internal communications team with the know-how to maintain the home site, but to also share our own secrets and best practices!
  5. LAUNCH – To launch an organization’s brand-new Viva Connections home site, we can help conceptualize and implement the event along with its communications.

Additional services available based on the needs and readiness: • Special templates and widgets from Powell Intranet • Proprietary media e.g., images, audio, video that are either purchased or produced • Custom propriety apps e.g., hotdesking app

Estimated timeframe is within 2-4 weeks. May change based on scope.

T&Cs and pricing are custom to each engagement.