Teams Apps And Solutions 3-Day Workshop


Microsoft Funded Consultancy 3-Day Workshop for Teams Apps And Solutions

The Microsoft Funded Consultancy Workshops for Office 365 will upskill your team, provide knowledge as well as tailored recommendations of how to improve your infrastructure.

Teams Apps And Solutions Workshop Highlights include:

  • Exploring ways to meet your business goals by streamlining processes and improving productivity and collaboration 
  • Identifying and prioritize key use case scenarios
  • Providing an implementation plan and next steps to help you achieve your desired goals
  • Driving business results through scenarios for increased efficiency

Learn what the Microsoft Teams platform can do for your organization. Our consultants will walk you through the Art of the Possible, working with you to identify and prioritize key business scenarios to help solve your specific collaboration challenges. During the workshop, we’ll show how opportunities to customize and extend your Microsoft Teams workspace using the power of automation. Then, ZiAAS will design a plan that leverages Microsoft Teams platform capabilities to help you move forward.

Why ZiAAS? With extensive solution development experience, ZiAAS can help you improve workforce productivity through automation of key business processes, leveraging the Microsoft Teams platform. We will work with you to understand your environment and identify opportunities to help you achieve continuous business value from your Microsoft Teams investment. With industry and technology experience, you can count on us as your trusted partner in your transformation journey.

Agenda - will be tailored to your requirements

Day 1:

  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Define Scope

Day 2:

  • Meeting and Operational Efficiency
  • Innovation through Automation
  • Frontline Worker
  • Identity and SSO
  • Ticket Resolution and Self-Service Support

Day 3:

  • Documentation Analysis and write-up
  • Recommendations and next steps

This workshop would normally cost $3,500-$5,000 - Contact us today to see if you're eligible for funding