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A complete solution for Audit trail statistic with Dynamics 365 Business Central

An audit trail is proof of all the changes made to financial data. It’s a list that displays the count and history of a document, from creation, modification to posting.

An audit trail statistic is a category wise set of documents to validate the transactions recorded in accounting books.


1. Verify records with an audit trail statistic, to ensure that business is compliant with existing regulations.
2. Analyze gains and losses when we can track changes that may not have been included while initially adding the records.
3. It provides financial summary of business in the form of receipts, payments, statements, journals, memos, register entries and ledger entries for transactions.
4. All records are categories in types like, General, Bank, Tax, Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Employees, Resources, Jobs, Fixed assets, Manufacturing, Service, Warehouse, Cost accounting, Transfer.
5. Schedule / configure Allow Posting from and Allow To Date based on user setup using job queue for Journal / Fixed Asset and Deferral.
6. Quick view of Item cost not adjusted
7. Quick view of expected cost not posted to G/L & actual cost not posted to G/L
8. Quick view of receipt but not invoice, Shipment but not invoice.
9. Quick view of pending Released Prod. Order to finish.
10. Quick view of inventory period not closed.
11. Quick view of customer open entries & vendor open entries.
12. Quick view of pending bank account reconciliation.
13. Quick view of admin activities.


1. Tracks user activities.
2. You can confirm that documents / records are accurate and transparent.
3. Prevents frauds.
4. Easier to identify inconsistencies in dates and figures.
5. It controls the possibility of transactions being backdated (transactions that may have been entered / posted with an earlier date, and not the actual date) in financial and stock books.
6. Smooth audit: Internal and external auditors can track activities smoothly, works better way and save time and money.
7. Track lost documents, identify errors in entry and correct or amend it to regulate transactions.
8. Can set default period to view quick information.
9. Track easy information of Inventory Activities / Finance Activities / Admin Activities.


1.Source code wise count of records in financial books and ledgers.
2.Back dated posting entries for financial register, Item register, Fixed Asset register.

Supported Editions

This app supports the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

Canada, India, United Kingdom, and United States. Supported Languages English only.