Lot Algorithms

oleh NIC Systems Inc.

Create customized and complex lot numbers containing information specific to your business.

The Lot Algorithms app enables users to create tailor-made lot numbers, making it easier to track inventory items. It seamlessly integrates with the Item Tracking Line page, so users can assign lot numbers to inbound and outbound documents without any changes to the Business Central interface.

Types of Users

  • Production Employees

  • Procurement Employees

  • Warehouse Employees

  • Sales Employees

Customer Needs

Manufacturers and distributors often require lot numbers to be created more effectively for full traceability. Lot numbers must carry specific information, such as production date, expiration date, work date, item number, and source document number. Companies typically combine part of this information to create a suitable lot number for a specific situation. For example, food manufacturers may trace finished goods by the lot number carrying production date and item number information. At the same time, distribution companies may use lot numbers containing expiration dates and item numbers.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Design lot algorithms through a user-friendly brand-new page.
  • Create a variety of algorithms by combining different parameters such as source document number, production date, work date, expiration date, item number, number series, work center code, and work shift code along with a counter and constant.
  • Assign a specific lot algorithm to an item via the item card page.
  • Assign the customized lot numbers to inbound/outbound documents and journal worksheets through the Item Tracking Lines page.
  • Perform bulk maintenance of lot algorithms and lot number series.

With Lot Algorithms, manufacturers and distributors can now easily manage their inventory with ease. Try our app today and experience efficient inventory management like never before!

Supported Countries

Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States

Supported Languages

English, French, and Spanish

Supported Editions

Essentials and Premium