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AI-boosted invoice processing automation

Looking for new ways to streamline your Accounts Payable?

Automate your invoice processing with the latest technology based on AI, data capture, and Microsoft Power Automate.

Instead of relying on manual work, or, in the best-case scenario, semi-automatic data allocation systems, embrace real digitalisation with an AP automation solution within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with AI-based capabilities of improving the data extraction quality over time.

For any AP department working with Microsoft Business Central:

  • Sick of the time-consuming manual invoice processing?
    Automatic generation of purchase invoices thanksto AI-based data capture.

  • Struggling with approval delays and bottlenecks?
    100% customisable approval workflows with Microsoft Power Automate.

  • Lacking a real-time view of your purchase invoice?
    Keep your invoices always in sight with the dynamic PDF viewer.

Several studies and surveys confirm that AI and OCR technology help improve the efficiency and profitability.

"We think AP automation can drive 70-80% time savings for AP staff. In our analysis, time savings are represented in USD, but in reality companies do not recognize hard dollar savings through headcount reduction since excess staff will typically be reallocated to higher-value work. "

Goldman Sachs - B2B How the next payments frontier will unleash small business Equity Research

“OCR allows users to quickly automate data capture from forms, eliminate keystrokes to reduce data entry costs and still maintain the high level of accuracy required in forms processing applications."
OCR Technology - Guidelines on the Application of New Technology to Population Data Collection and Capture/ Department of Economic and Social Affairs Statistics of the United Nations

Supported editions

The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries


Supported languages

English, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, German