Advanced Reservations

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This app helps to optimize your reservation of stock within your company.

The app to manage your reservations in an easy way.

This app helps optimize your reservation of stock within your company. The app uses two different methods:

  1. Document Number Sequence: This method looks at the number of the Sales Order and allocates the reservations prioritized on this. The oldest order is always allocated first unless this is overruled (see setup for more information). Additionally, this method can reserve based on lead time and purchase order.
  2. Order Entry Sequence: This method reserves the stock when entering the quantity on a sales line. It uses the promised delivery date as a basis. Also, it has the ability to look into the future and reserve stock based on incoming purchase orders.

Features and benefits of using this app:

    • More flexibility to make reservations on sales orders and purchase orders.
    • Checks if there are no other sales orders in place that already have a reservation on an earlier date and looks for the possibility to reserve on purchase orders.
    • Easy overview of all reservations for an item in one screen.
    • Easy management of the creation of warehouse picks due to the reservation check.
    • Easier data management to update your customers when an estimated delivery time is changed.
    • Intercompany reservations are possible within tenant.

    Free Trial:
    You can install a 30-day trial for free directly from the Microsoft AppSource. If you like our app and still want to use it, then you only pay €62 per month or €682 per year. No restrictions, unlimited users, companies, and fields.

    Supported Editions:
    This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Also, team members benefit from the RMA app.

    Supported Countries:
    This application is available in all countries where Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

    Supported Languages::

    This app is available in English (United States) and Dutch (The Netherlands)."