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Seamlessly integrate your outsourced logistic operations in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Maximize the efficiency of your business with ModeXpress Integration, the ultimate app that streamlines your operations and optimizes your shipment and receipt processes. Seamlessly integrate with ModeXpress, a trusted fulfillment partner, to unlock new levels of success.

With ModeXpress Integration, effortlessly manage your shipments and receipts across your fashion business. Gain full control and visibility over your logistics, ensuring smooth and reliable delivery of your products to customers and efficient management of incoming stock.

Efficiently handle incoming stock and streamline your receipt processes. Receive notifications and track the status of incoming shipments, ensuring you're always in control of your inventory. ModeXpress Integration helps you maintain accurate stock levels and prevents stockouts, enabling you to fulfill customer orders promptly and avoid missed sales opportunities.

Simplify your operations and optimize your shipment and receipt processes. Discover the transformative power of ModeXpress Integration today. Revolutionize your business and unlock new heights of success in shipments and receipts.

With the ModeXpress integration it is possible to:
• Send SKU’s to ModeXpress (SKU), so these can be used in their warehouse processes
• Send and receive RECEIPT (RCP) messages, so that goods from your suppliers can be received by ModeXpress and can be booked in Business Central automatically.
• Send and receive SHIPMENT (SHP) messages, so that orders (through picktickets) can be fulfilled throughout ModeXpress and can be booked in Business Central automatically.
• Receive stock mutations (STM) from ModeXpress and book these mutations in Business Central automatically.
• Receive stock levels (STL) from ModeXpress, so that stock levels in ModeXpress and Business Central can be synchronized easily.

• The TCOG Integration Manager WMS app is installed along with the ModeXpress Integration automatically.
• To use the ModeXpress Integration app to the fullest extent, intermediate knowledge of warehouse functionality within Business Central is required.

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Supported Countries:

The Netherlands, Belgium

Supported Languages:

Dutch (Dutch), Dutch (Belgium), English (United States)

Supported Editions:

Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central