CloudTalk Connector

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Get an overview of all your customer information, save time, and best quality via VoIP connections.

CloudTalk's Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration gives you an overview of all your contact information, allowing sales and customer support reps to lead better, more meaningful conversations.

Avoid repetitive work

Our MS Dynamics 365 Integration tracks and records all phone calls in real time and lets you set triggers for creating leads, contacts, and accounts. Thanks to this automatic logging of notes and tags, your agents can concentrate on what matters most – driving more revenue via great customer experiences.

Everything in one place

No need to switch from one app to another. Your agents can manage cases effectively from a single interface. With click-to-call, screen pops, and more, agents have all the tools to stay focused and quickly address client inquiries.

Track all customer interactions

Access all contextual data easily based on every customer interaction (via Call, SMS, or Email*) and build more intel for each deal.

See who’s on the line before picking up the call

With Caller ID, agents can access all the necessary client information (name, company, the entire contact history) before even picking up the phone and immediately deliver tailored customer experiences.

Always keep your data up to date

Automatically maintain data synchronization between CloudTalk and Microsoft Dynamics to guarantee that agents have the proper information to understand, address, and serve customers.

Work anywhere, anytime

When your agents are away from their desks, they can easily access the Dynamics 365 data on the mobile app for iPhone and Android. Dynamics 365 automatically syncs all notes, call recordings, tags, and other important data, so they are always available.