Dispute and Bad Debt Management

ASQiT Ltd.

Customer Dispute and Bad Debt Management - overdue debt collection app for your AR department

Are you struggling with overdue debt collection? Do you need to improve your cash flow?

Strengthen overdue debt collection process and improve your cashflow!


Dispute & Bad Debt Management will transform the way you handle overdue customer debts in Dynamics 365 Business Central. The app provides you with overdue payment management tools to create and manage disputes and bad debts in Dynamics 365 Business Central, improving your cash flow while retaining good customer relationship.


Features and benefits of this product:

  • Create and manage customer disputes.
  • Use reason and outcome codes for disputes to report on.
  • Close disputes when resolved.
  • Create and manage bad debt ledger.
  • Send confirmation email when a dispute is activated, or resolved.
  • Keep history of disputes and bad debts on customer's credit history.
  • Use Microsoft Word to create different layouts for your emails.

Get it now for one month free trial (after free trial - just £299/$410 per year for one company in Business Central). Click here to view tutorial videos and download training material. For the list of benefits and features click here, or visit the products page to check our other Dynamics 365 Business Central apps.

Let us know if you need this app but it is not yet available in your country, and we will prioritize it in the next release!


Supported editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Supported countries:

United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.


Supported languages:

This app is available in English (United States).