Infopank Risk Factor localization for Estonia

Columbus Estonia

Get easily company credit score and report from Infopank Risk Factor

Are You're selling credit? If so, what is important information to you before closing the transaction? Is it debt, business partner or something third?

The purpose of credit policy in any case is to get the money from the client - here we can help You. No, we don't offer a dept collection service.
We're doing a background check easy and convenient for you.
From now on it is possible to use the Infopank Riskifaktor, which gives each company a unique risk assessment and recommendation of credit limit.
Data is updated every night and in the morning there are fresh riskfaktor data for you already waiting in the system.

Risk Factor application provides interface with service provider “Äripäeva Infopank” to query customer and vendor credit ratings.

The service is divided into two levels:
• Simple
• Full

Basic featuresin Simple Level: