XPR365 Subscriptions (Basic)

oleh Scapta

Register, manage and invoice your recurring subscriptions easily

XPR365 Subscriptions is a ready-to-use cloud solution that is useful to register your recurring incomes. You are able to create the invoice from the subscription or create the invoices in batch for the relevant period.

You should use XPR365 Subscriptions base because:

  • You have a nice overview of all your subscriptions in one page
  • Every subscription shows the number of (un)posted invoices.
  • You can decide what time period to use when invoicing.
  • A subscription can easily be updated when the quantity or price change.
  • You can invoice multiple subscriptions with the touch of a button.

Supported editions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential and Premium.

Supported languages

English, Dutch and French.

Supported Countries