Positive Pay Automation

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Securely Create and Transmit Positive Pay Files Directly to your Bank

Are you looking for a secure way to automatically transmit check information to your bank? Look no further than Positive Pay Automation! Our product is the perfect solution for organizations who want to send their check information with ease and accuracy while protecting their finances from fraudulent transactions.

With Positive Pay Automation, you can automatically create and transmit Positive Pay files directly to your bank, which means no more manual creation or manual uploading of Positive Pay files to your bank portal.

Direct transmission via SFTP connectivity

Securely create and transmit positive pay files to your banks via BankFabric, our bank connectivity platform. With this platform, we can send files to multiple banks and support multiple bank accounts.

Schedule your Positive Pay file export for your desired pace

You can schedule the Positive Pay export process to run at your chosen frequency—whether that’s once a day or according to a custom schedule.

Control over which check information to send

You have full control over which checks are included in the file—you can choose from manual checks, computer checks, void checks and more. When it comes to banking setup, you can configure each account’s individual settings as needed.

Protect yourself from fraud

Create an extra layer of protection around your payment processing by choosing Positive Pay Automation! With features like automated batch jobs, flexible check options and easy bank setup options, it's designed to create smoother accounting processes while safeguarding your finances against fraud.

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