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Supply Chain Cloud - Deliver

Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Inc.

Manage assets and freight handling across the supply chain including route optimization and delivery

The Supply Chain Cloud - Deliver module drives profitable fleet operations with dynamic route optimization from Scientific Logistics for final mile delivery

Manage asset movement and freight handling across the supply chain including route optimization and final mile delivery.

Communicating in real-time with your enterprise platform, the SC Cloud - Deliver module helps manage all the logistics execution including equipment, dispatch and driver. The Supply Chain Cloud Deliver module has modern dynamic routing capabilities from Scientific Logistics built-in. This helps you optimize routes, save fuel and increase driver efficiency. Out-of-the-Box analytics allows fleet managers insight into vehicle and driver performance.

Vehicle inspection reporting replaces paper logbooks to reduce errors, enable real-time reporting and simplify roadside inspections. The driver mobile app permits voice guidance to maximize driver productivity.

Real-time tracking of delivery assets and proof of delivery.

Keep your supply chain moving
  • Seamless dynamic routing & route optimization capabilities
  • Map based manual routing to plan routes
  • Asset and driver management including trailers, trucks, drivers and equipment
  • Mobile app with configurable workflows for Android or IOS
  • Deliver inventory, or 3PL handling units with direct connect to the warehousing module
  • Plan a single journey for multiple order types (Sales, Purchase, Transfer & Returns)

About The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud

The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud transforms your business by connecting physical assets with digital intelligence. Empower your Digital Supply Chain with Dynamics 365 and the Supply Chain Cloud by creating and ecosystem of interaction with all of your systems to allow for seamless collaboration and execution.

Every stage. Every product. Every interaction.