GRS - Gift Codes Connect

Evenica Corp

Digital rewards platform integrated to over 10 million premium brand products and gift cards.

Is reward management becoming a painful process?  Are you using complex tools to manage your reward engagement process?  Do your customers use and fully appreciate their gifting experience?  CarltonOne GRS will simplify the way you assign, manage and track rewards around the world.

CarltonOne GRS is a global reward platform that allows you to recognize customers by their level of engagement.  Digital gift codes (GCode) are a simple way to unify engagement programs and permit customers to redeem their rewards with ease around the globe.

Easy recognition

Assign GCodes to those who really matter to your business through a simplified interface where you look up the customer name and select a pre-paid gift code. Customers will receive the reward and will be able to activate and redeem on your personalized gifting storefront.

Personalized storefront

The gifting storefront is embedded in your e-commerce website for seamless engagement.  Select the products you want to present and give your customers an enjoyable redemption journey.  The storefront utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to anticipate what the customer is looking for and to enhance the reward redemption experience.

Faster, easier and secure

A simplified redemption process by activating the GCode and monitoring the available balance within the GRS customer account.  Leverage decades of experience to provide a smooth, fast and secure gifting platform.

Global procurement & fulfilment

With vendors in more than 185 countries, CarltonOne leverages an extensive global network to offer more then 10 million high-value premium products, with local fulfillment to your customers.