MazikPay for Sage

Mazik Global Inc.

A payment processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics to support your business.

MazikPay for Sage is a payment processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics and is integrated with Sage. This application provides a seamless way to process transactions at the point of sale, by phone, and through ecommerce. MazikPay for Sage can process cash and credit card payments as well as splitting one transaction into multiple forms of payment. It simplifies the reconciliation process by integrating the payment device with the transaction system. Automatically deposit every transaction into a bank account for instant availability, greatly reducing payment cycles to improve cash flow. Consolidate all accounting, payroll, and payments points into one place to see what is coming in and going out at a glance.  Back office capabilities include: in-house underwriting, digital onboarding and enrollment APIs, settlement, hardware provisioning, risk/fraud management, chargeback processing and collections. With MazikPay for Sage, you can:
  • Enable point of sale purchases with cash and credit card
  • Eliminate mistake-prone manual data entry to reduce errors and save time
  • See payments reflected in the merchant account
  • Complete PCI-compliant internet and phone payments
  • Authorize and capture payments without storing sensitive information