Rent Management For Retail

Obase A.S.

Automate your rent management processes with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Automate your rent management processes, reduce your operational workload with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

For large-scale companies and shopping mall managements, rent management of stores and warehouses is a complex process, which creates a significant workload. The diversity of the workplace structure, the flexibility of the lease calculation methods and the flexibility of the contract, the necessity of making all transactions in a short period of time require the end-to-end follow-up of the lease management processes.

Obase365 - Rent Management automates all operations related to rent management and provides operational convenience. Performs monthly calculations and payment transactions.

  • Keep track of all your rent management processes.
  • Perform your monthly payments and calculations instantly and automatically.
  • Prevent manual errors and prevent labor losses.
  • Make turnover notifications to suppliers with automatic e-mails.
  • Get instant confirmation of your payment orders with user authorization.
  • Features:

  • Rent Cost Calculation:Fixed, turnover based, fixed + turnover based, fixed turnover and overhead comparison
  • Revenue Notification:Monthly or daily turnover information e-mails
  • Exchange Rate Expenses:Upper and lower exchange rate calculations in exchange rate fluctuations
  • Payment Difference Expenses:Calculation of the differences between the payments and making the offsets
  • Other Features:

    Periodical and yearly clearance, due date invoice, calculation of fixed expenses, transfer of assigned and execution payments, calculation in accordance with additional lease protocols, reserve allocation, deposit transactions, AVM occupancy ratio calculations, rent grace period definitions and IFRS 16 Leasing Operations Standard report.