eCommerce Shipping Connector - PowerDeliver


Dynamics 365 shipping connector provides a seamless unified commerce experience across all channels.

PowerDeliver ready made configurable APIs enable you to integrate real-time Dynamics 365 eCommerce order tracking information into your mobile app or website, an email, or a text message. Each time the package status changes (for example, from accepted to in-transit to delivered), the API will ensure this update is transferred to your Dynamics 365 eCommerce.

Provides you with a number of APIs and tools that allow you to seamlessly integrate Dynamics 365 eCommerce with your logistics/deliver supplier.

all-in-one delivery management technology designed to organize, control, optimize, and scale your delivery operations from the warehouse or store to the final mile and power your Dynamics 365 with readymade connector to most active logistics companies in Middle East.

Customers expect paying to be easy. Let them do it their way, wherever they are. Streamline your shipment through one integration and instantly start accepting the most popular last mile service providers.

We know you need to be nimble. It’s not easy keeping up with everchanging regulation, risk and consumer demands. So our connected shipping are born agile and pack the performance punch you need.

Dynamically offer shipping methods based on transaction details such as last mile provider like UPS, DHL and Aramex, FedEx

Use our APIs and build your own shipping form if you want full control over the look and feel of your checkout page. If you'd rather not build your own shipping form

·       The only shipping platform that lets you handle online, mobile, and in-store shipping in one product.

·       Track customers on all channels, wherever and however they shop. By monitoring performance and driving optimization, your company can make better strategic decisions.

·       Secure, certified, and encrypted, our platform is built to the highest industry standards, including PowerDeliver hosted PCI compliance.

Key trusted features that you need

  • Ship and track your shipment
  • Retrieval of Tracking Numbers, Charges, Service Type, and other shipping details
  • Adjust Shipping Rates based on your specific business criteria
  • Exchange of Ship-to Address and Shipping Preferences with last mile shipping software like Aramex, DHL, UPS, .... etc