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Optimize and automate your complete accounts payable invoice process in Microsoft Dynamics 365

AXtension Invoice Processing offers true accounts payable automation as an integral part of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management environment. Have everyone involved in the accounts payable process spending limited and valuable time on invoices that actually need attention. Eliminate manual administrative tasks by having a solution that recognizes when and where automation is needed. Stay optimized by knowing exactly how well the accounts payable process is performing and act upon it.

AXtension Invoice Processing helps your organization to:

Save time: Match and process PO invoices without manual intervention and automatically code and process Non-PO invoices and pre-approved contracts, enabling you to manage by exception;

Save money: Focus on invoices eligible for early payment discounts and eliminate late payment penalties by knowing exactly which invoices are due soon;

Be the best: Have every stakeholder on top of their activities by leveraging role-based workspaces. Focus on what matters with the actionable insights provided, knowing exactly what needs your attention and stay optimized with embedded Power BI accounts payable analytics;

Sit back and relax: AXtension Invoice Processing delivers true accounts payable automation as an integral and natural part of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management environment, with everything you need at hand that requires your focus.

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