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Automate vendor invoice processing inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 and manage all accounts payable tas

Processing vendor invoices is a pain point for every organization, and one that becomes more so as a company grows. Even with a modern ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics 365, accounts payable teams struggle to find the information they need to quickly settle vendor invoices.

Automated invoice processing for Microsoft Dynamics 365
The key to AP automation that delivers immediate results with minimal training is a certified solution embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365. With Axtension® Invoice Processing, the majority of invoices are processed straight through. AP staff are left with just invoice exceptions, which they manage from the same place as all other tasks. Since we continuously update Axtension® Invoice Processing with our one-step-ahead knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365, market needs and best practices, managing invoices is easier than ever before—and only gets better over time.

Manage invoices by exception rather than volume.

Achieve the highest rate of invoice processing automation possible, and give your most valuable resource–your people–time to focus on meaningful work that makes them feel fulfilled and drives your business forward.

Put accounts payable teams in the command-and-control position.

Seamless integration with Dynamics 365 means AP teams always work with real-time data, and can manage invoice exceptions from the same environment they use for all other financial tasks (meaning little to no training to get up and running).

Super-charge the investments you’ve already made with the most flexible invoice processing solution for Dynamics 365.

Why shouldn’t your teams be able to communicate about AP processes as effortlessly as they do other internal matters? With Axtension® Invoice Processing, users can collaborate using their day-to-day communication channels. And it not only works with any OCR solution you’ve already trained to read your incoming invoices, but can also work with multiple different OCR solutions simultaneously.

Continuously optimize invoice processing with truly actionable analytics.

Uncover the bottlenecks holding you back from early payment discounts and incurring late payment fees.

Simplify and accelerate the approval process.

Easy mobile access for all approvers, even for those who don't work inside Dynamics 365. With the Axtension® Invoice Processing Approval App, approvers can be easily looped in without extensive training.

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