Customer-Driven Marketing Solution for Dynamics 365

oleh Confiz Limited

A unified Customer Engagement Platform, offering seamless integration with Dynamics 365.

Given the dynamic shifts within the retail industry, there is an escalating demand for personalized brand interactions and customer-centric marketing platforms.
To stay ahead of the curve, Confiz brings you an intuitive customer-driven marketing solution (CDMS) facilitating customer data activation, marketing automation, and multichannel messaging through a reliable, centralized platform. It offers Dynamics 365 users a comprehensive understanding of their customers, enabling cross-device engagement tracking, seamless online and offline data integration with Dynamics 365, cross-channel journey orchestration, and market segmentation, thereby allowing marketing and brand management teams to engage with customers on a deeply personalized level.
Furthermore, CDMS (Powered by D.engage) leveraging the Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Multi-Channel Marketing Platform (MMP) empowers marketers to monitor campaign performance via cross-channel analytics, fostering productivity and informed decision-making.

Features and Capabilities

  • Customer Data Unification

Enhance customer insights through seamless online-offline channel integration. Automate customer data capture at POS systems for seamless syncing with D365 HQ and smooth integration with CDMS via APIs.

  • Automated Segmentation

Build precise micro-segments and customer personas efficiently, optimizing campaign effectiveness with targeted strategies.

  • Content Personalization

Enhance user experience with tailored pop-ups, web push notifications, product recommendations, and search personalization, optimizing engagement and conversion rates.

  • Mobile Marketing

Leverage rich, interactive carousel push notifications and location-based targeting to engage users effectively. Enhance reach with in-app notifications and SMS for personalized interactions on mobile devices.

  • Email Marketing

Deliver personalized emails at scale with ease using ready-to-use templates and a user-friendly interface, maximizing engagement.

  • Cross-Channel Analytics

Effortlessly monitor campaign performance across multiple channels, gaining valuable insights to optimize marketing strategies effectively.

Implementation Phase

Confiz simplifies the adoption of our Customer Engagement Platform, enabling your business to elevate customer experience, enhance CSAT scores, drive conversions, and cultivate brand loyalty. Our skilled professionals guarantee rapid implementation and smooth integration with your Dynamics 365 suite, typically accomplished within just 3-4 weeks.