VNM Localization Pack for Finance and Operations

DiCentral Corporation

VAS - an instant solution in operating the Dynamics 365 to meet the local government requirements.

Businesses operating in Vietnam must comply with Vietnamese Accounting System (called VAS).

Note: This edition only works in Vietnam.

Available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations version 10.0.x and prior versions.

It is possible to vary from the standard VAS but this is subject to specific approval and issued by the Ministry of Finance (Decision 15/2006/QD-BTC (“the Decision 15”) and Circulars No. 200/2014/TT-BTC providing guidance on how to adhere to Vietnamese accounting standards for a wide range of forms and reports.

The requirements of VAS include:

  • Use of Vietnamese language;
  • Vietnam Dong as the accounting currency;
  • Production of VAS-specified reports;
  • Printing of all reports on a monthly basis, signed by the General Director and affixed with the company seal.

The Vietnamese Accounting System developed by DiCentral delivers an instant solution in operating the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business anywhere in Vietnam while meeting the local government requirements. There are 23 forms and reports in the DiCentral Localization Pack.

DiCentral’s Localization Pack Highlights:

  • Provide a flexible chart of accounts by defining accounts based on users' own set-up and can be applied to all business models.
  • Feature easy to adjust account structures on reporting forms.
  • Tackles the offset account toward multiple credits and debits
  • The VAT is calculated and exported automatically into Excel spreadsheet in order to import to Vietnam Tax System (HTKK)