E-Invoice & E-Archive

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E-Invoice / E-Archive to create a safe , time and cost saving system between seller and buyer

E-Invoice, implemented with the 397 as No. TPL notification and being used since March 2010 in Turkey, is a electronic document the data formats and standards is determined by Revenue Administration (GİB), and including information required to be in a bill according to TPL and carrying out transmission between sellers and buyers via a central platform (GİB). The e-invoice is not a new document type and has the same legal qualifications as the paper invoice. The purpose of the e-invoice application managed by the Revenue Administration is to create a safe, time and cost saving system between the seller and the buyer in accordance with the single format and standard. For this purpose, the international e-invoicing processes have been taken into consideration and the UBL-TR, which is an international standard that includes all the processes of XML based commercial life as an open source, has been adopted by the Revenue Administration.

With the Turkey&Italy version of the E-Invoice / E-Archive solution, you can create e-invoices in legally required UBL-TR XML format and transfer them to recipients via an e-invoicing service provider and the TRAM. When you create sales invoices or purchase order return invoices in related modules, E-Invoice is created automatically for these invoices. E-invoices in UBL-TR XML format are generated based on the E-Invoice / E-Archive and then transferred to the recipients via an e-invoicing service provider and the TRAM.


E-Invoice / E-Archive app solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SC are very inclusive solution for all requirement of E-Invoice / E-Archive legal standarts in Turkey and Italy.

Some of features of E-Invoice / E-Archive app solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SC

  • Built-in integration with all e-invocing service provider, FIT (Foriba), INGBank, Koç system and UyumSoft.
  • Support all type of e-invoicing scenario such as basic and commerical scenario.
  • Automatic identification of customers&vendors who are E-Invoice / E-Archive users.
  • Generating and transmitting e-invoices in XML format.
  • View e-invoices in XML, HTML, PDF formats.
  • Support customer based XSLT file formats.
  • Manage incoming invoices by approve or deny.
  • Working with all normal taxes, special, witholding&export registered taxes.
  • Manage taxpayer sender&receiver alias.
  • Fully integrated with Accounts receiveable & Accounts Payable & Project modules.