evergreen for CROs

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A future proof accounting platform built on Microsoft technology and enriched with’s IP

evergreen is's single platform designed for professional services firms, far beyond the many project management solutions already in the market. Built from the ground up, it is the back-end processing and transactional engine for core professional services functions.
Leveraging the full breadth of Microsoft technology combined with's exclusive CRO layer IP, evergreen for CRO helps reduce the manual processes that is error prone and time consuming, increase collaboration to help speed studies, and steer away from heavy usage of disconnected systems for managing studies. also helps address the added challenges that the pandemic has brought about, by
1. Modernizing a CRO’s clinical operations to keep up with competitors who adopt advanced applications to streamline operations
2. Boosting resource productivity with collaborative solutions to enable remote work and enabling digital access to information for study monitors
3. Providing an end-to-end platform to reduce delays caused by Siloed systems that are providing limited visibility into study information, reconciling trial data etc.,’s solution helps a CRO organization through
Increased profitability margins
Better resource utilization
Better technology

• Turn data into actionable insights to make informed, timely decisions on behalf of your business
• Integrate finance and operations, and have visibility into changes that might affect revenue, profitability and cash flow
• Manage the increasingly complex billing methods with a system that manages billing of units, eg: patient visits, study reports and track intercompany billing and revenue
• Ability to have a macro / micro visibility of profitability, ability to forecast overall profitability and identify levers for cost management

Project Managers
• Consistency in visibility of all stakeholders and detailed views of task progress providing effective control over studies
• Supporting collaboration and communication through a centralized solution, leading to higher utilization rates and greater project margins
• Easy-to-use resource planning tools that can support both centralized and decentralized resourcing scenarios (wfh scenario owing to pandemic)
• Detailed view of breakdown of project status, WIP, profitability and resource allocation at a global level, and ability to analyze intercompany projects, across research sites (national and international) that will help understand study status better
• evergreen for CROs is a firms only true cloud solution. You control your data, the scalability, your cloud costs, where it lives, customizations, configurations, what it integrates with and what services you might want to use today or in the future in the Azure Cloud.
• Maximize a firm’s existing Microsoft technology to help reduce deployment and training times and help increase ROI
• Integrate with other Microsoft tools to provide added functionality through a familiar interface
• One platform that helps move away from siloed systems and struggles of integration, leading to problems of managing/reconciliation of data

Built on four pillars, evergreen sets you free to focus on what's important to you and your firm:
Frictionless - driving business efficiency
Resilient - delivering total security
Enlightened - actionable business insights
Engaged - people centric collaboration