TIE Kinetix EDI-2-FLOW for Dynamics 365

TIE Kinetix N.V.

A ready-made, fully integrated EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365

EDI-2-FLOW for Dynamics 365

With TIE Kinetix’s ever-evolving electronic document exchange solutions, you’ll quickly benefit from best-in-class automation capabilities all while avoiding costly on-premise software investments.


EDI-2-FLOW at a Glance 

The package includes everything you need to successfully begin exchanging documents electronically through Dynamics 365 without having to switch between systems. The specific solutions and products included are as follows: TIE Kinetix EDI-2-FLOW solution and To-Increase’s EDI Studio and Connectivity Studio products. The entire package, as well as its implementation, is delivered in full by TIE Kinetix. TIE Kinetix’s EDI-2-FLOW for Dynamics 365 solution package provides you with all the tools you need to start exchanging documents electronically today, all for one monthly SaaS fee. 

EDI-2-FLOW helps you to achieve faster business transactions and automate procure-to-pay processes for full financial supply chain transparency. With quick and easy implementation, you are directly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 through To-Increase’s EDI Studio and Connectivity Studio products. With TIE Kinetix’s extensive partner network, you can leverage a network of more than 300,000 trading partner connections and a rich library of trading partner maps and application connectors. With 24/7 monitoring and validation, bad data is something from the past; you receive notifications to correct inaccurate data (incoming or outgoing) before it’s too late.  

EDI-2-FLOW for Dynamics 365 is available for any organization that is looking to outsource EDI and e-invoicing operations.