Yavica FlexProperty for Real Estate

oleh Yavica

FlexProperty is built to address the requirements of today’s global Real Estate companies.

The average real estate company relies on several different software solutions to run its business, resulting in maintenance, data and upgrade challenges. To avoid these challenges and drive efficiencies and cost savings, Yavica offers FlexProperty - Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Real Estate, a single, integrated, all-in-one system that covers all aspects of property management, automates manual processes and eliminates duplicate information.

Business processes managed by FlexProperty and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations:

  • Tenant leases
  • Landlord leases
  • Billing and A/R
  • Common Area Management
  • Utilities
  • Facilities Management
  • Projects, Finance, Procurement, HR
  • Retail rent (variable rent)
  • Advertising services (big screens, bill boards)
  • Marketing to end-users
  • Many legal entities
  • Complex tax structures
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Different Charts of Accounts
  • Shared Service Centers
  • Special purpose entities
  • Investor management
  • Real Estate Service Provider
  • Advanced fee structures
  • Cross entity allocations
  • Custom investor reporting