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Solution for operational data collecting and managing through a range of objects, locations, brands

The all-in-one solution for managing business data. With Operate and Collect, you can effortlessly collect and manage valuable operational data across multiple objects, locations, and brands. Say goodbye to wasting time organizing data and chasing numbers. Our solution synchronizes all indexes and indicators, giving you timely and accurate information to monitor your cash flow, revenue, control costs, and make smarter decisions. Whether you're looking to grow your business, improve profitability, or pay your invoices on time, you can easily organize business information the way you need it.
The Operate'n'Collect solution is designed to streamline workflow and improve data accuracy by combining PowerApps, SharePoint Online, and PowerBI capabilities, providing a secure and reliable way to manage business data.
The solution can be customized to meet the unique needs of each business, feel free to contact us at

Key features:
• Managing operational data with a user-friendly intuitive interface of Canvas PowerApp allows you to create, edit, delete, and review data with ease. User access is controlled through administrator configurations, always ensuring data security.
• Ready to use on pre-defined data structure. Robust database layer from SharePoint Online provides a reliable foundation for data management needs.
• Designed to be scalable and flexible, Operate and Collect is designed to adapt and evolve with your business, providing you with a comprehensive and reliable data management solution.
• The capability to assign and manage access rights for various objects, brands, or resources both within the application and through Azure Active Directory (AAD) administration tools ensures that the right people have access to the right data.
• Can be seamlessly integrated with other systems and applications, enabling you to import and export data to meet your unique requirements.
• Facilitates data transfer to your PowerBI reports, providing a basis of data-driven decisions.

Available configurations:
• Input fields names and visibility per Object.
• Calculated parameters (Components based pre-defined: Revenue per Customer, Average order value, Customer Acquisition Cost, Customer Acquisition Cost, Gross Margin, Net Profit Margin, Operating Margin, Cost per Lead).
• Objects create, edit, delete. Sharing the Objects to users.
• Syncing general information from SharePoint lists.
• Extend the usage with separated SharePoint lists or other databases for separate Objects.
• Add, edit, remove the records by user, change the information display sequence.
On Demand:
• Integrations with AI services (incl. OCP solutions) to recognize scanned documents.

Additionally, this offer includes 1 hour free of charge consultation on Solution overview and Initial configuring.
Contact Us if you have any suggestions, feature requests, or issues with Operate and Collect, support team at or via email
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