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Create & Customize your QR/Bar Code on any CRM Entity dynamically as per your organizational needs

You no longer need an elaborate system of codification or a lengthy string of characters to identify a record. With the advent of standard codification methods like Barcode and QR codes, packing large amounts of data and extra information is now easy. Data transmission and processing also is simpler through these universally accepted methods of codification. As smartphones with inbuilt scanners are becoming commonplace, accessing and interpreting this information are also becoming easier. We no longer need a training or code breaker to understand what does the 16-character invoice number signifies.
While the need for barcodes and QR codes is accepted globally, most standard CRM systems do not provide this feature natively. C Centric now brings the ability to generate Bar or QR code for any record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365. With this solution, you will be able to leverage the benefits of standard codification methods for all your records in CRM.


You don’t have to co-ordinate with your technical team every time you need to create a code. With our solution, you can now create your own codes without breaking a sweat. An easy, intuitive and custom-built user-interface, right inside your MS Dynamics CRM, allows you to define the fields and generate your code as per your requirement.


Choose which fields in your CRM record will be a part of the code. Any number of fields can be tagged against the code (in compliance to the restrictions of the underlying technology). If you so choose, the information captured in the code can also be made to change dynamically as the record gets updated. This ensures that the code is always updated with the latest information


C Centric’s Code Generator has the option of generating QR codes as well as Barcodes. Both types of codes are available in the same interface. Depending on the type and amount of information you want to store, or the usage of the record, you choose which way to go


The Code Generator also provides the option to store your generated codes in a secure manner. You can choose to store them on the cloud or inside your CRM. An easy selection option allows you to control how the code will be stored.