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ClickDimensions Marketing for Microsoft Dynamics

ClickDimensions is the only complete marketing solution for Microsoft Dynamics. Our top-rated, Microsoft-certified marketing platform is made exclusively for and natively built within Microsoft Dynamics, creating a seamless user experience and ensuring Sales, Marketing and IT are working together within the same system.

Providing email, marketing automation, web intelligence, lead scoring, web forms, landing pages, SMS messaging, event management, surveys, and social media tools, the ClickDimensions platform provides a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of Dynamics’ marketers.

ClickDimensions is the easiest way to:

- Empower your marketers to generate and qualify high quality leads

- Provide your sales team the ability to prioritize the best leads and opportunities

- Allow your management to measure everything

ClickDimensions helps you learn more about your prospects by showing you what interests them on your site as well as making it easy to capture information about them through web forms once they are ready to share. We like to say that we add new dimensions of data to your Microsoft Dynamics 365.