Find records fast and easy with targeted search forms, tailored to your business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a variety of search options for users, including global search and advanced search. However, when you are dealing with large data sets, searches become time-consuming and complex. CRM Partners Quick Find allows your users to easily find the correct records by providing context-dependent search forms. These search forms are fully configurable and therefore fully in line with your business processes. Do you want to find a customer based on zipcode and house number? Or would you rather search by policy number? With Quick Find you find the right records in an instant.

Quick Find features:
  • Search in different fields at the same time (e.g. find city in the different addresses)
  • Search in related entities (find a contact with a policy number that is on an underlying policy record)
  • Search in multiple entities at the same time (e.g. account, contact and potential customer)
  • Multiple search forms: a specific form for each search
  • Create new records from the search form and copy data from the search fields