Customer Engagement Platform

oleh Amdocs

An all-encompassing telecom AI-powered ​marketing, sales, commerce and customer service platform

Customer Engagement Platform

Reimagining the Telecom-experience together

Build for Telco
  • Telco-verticalization for quick Time-to-market​

  • Pre-Integrated with Seamless Experience ​

  • Serving All Line of Business, All Customer Segments & Users

Complete Solutions
  • Encompassing Marketing, Sales, CPQ, Commerce, Ordering & Customer Service​

  • Seamlessly Integrated to Fulfillment, Monetization &Network​

  • Unified Catalog Serving the Entire Platform

Frictionless Experiences
  • Unified Customer 360 View ​

  • Channel-less Multi-experience in any touchpoint​

  • Harmonized Customer & Employee’s Journey

Supercharged Productivity & Collaboration
  • Native Collaboration & ​
    Productivity Portfolio ​

  • Business-led Low-Code Platform ​

  • Ecosystem Ready with Open APIs