Autonumber: Individual ID creation for Dynamics

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Unique condition-based Dynamics 365 tool to generate and create individualized counter and IDs

Autonumber is a numbering plugin for Microsoft Dynamics 365, which enables individual IDs in the desired formats and on any entities that the standard Dynamics does not provide.This solution works within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

How it works:

  1. Automatic numbering starts as soon as a data record has been created or updated for which the plugin steps are configured.
  2. Autonumber then generates an ID, serial number or number according to the configuration for the data record.


  1. Define the entity on which you want to use Autonumber.
  2. Enter the field in which the created number should be written.
  3. Specification of the counting type (counting up based on the existing data records, simple counting up, dependent counting on the higher-level element).
  4. If necessary, decide on filters and create them.
  5. Enter the prefix, suffix and pattern.
  6. Create the counter and enter the start value of the counter.

Benefits and Features:

  • reusable and mutiple counter per entity
  • individually configurable
  • individual, adaptable, multiple counting ranges
  • dependent numbering based on properties
  • condition based creation
If you have suggestions for other features you would like to see in this solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.