Opinyin Power BI Reporting Solution For Freshdesk

oleh Essencient Ltd

Extracts data from Freshdesk and/or Opinyin for real time aggregate reporting in Power BI

The Opinyin Freshdesk Enterprise Reporting solution is the first of its kind package of components designed to extract data from the Opinyin and/or Freshdesk systems as it is created or updated and, using Microsoft Power Automate workflow processes, aggregate this data in a Microsoft DataVerse data lake so that it may be dynamically queried by reporting tools, particularly Microsoft Power BI, and aggregated with data from many other sources such as financials.

It uses the Opinyin and Freshdesk RESTful APIs and Opinyin/Freshdesk Webhooks to securely synchronise data into the data lake on an as-required and event-driven basis, respectively.

The schema in the data lake presents a flexible and extensive basis for reporting and root cause analysis of customer experience, as well as the potential to further expand this analysis with quantitative data from other systems such as CRM and Finance.

Opinyin has data analysts who can assist you with this process and ensure that you maximise the value of the data your processes collect to inform and drive customer experience excellence and, subsequently, business growth.