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Automatically generate documents based on information extracted from an ID Card

For businesses that seek to digitalize document management, docQ is a mobile solution that enables data extraction from identity documents and quickly inserts everything into a custom template. Unlike manually filling the forms, docQ app automatically generates documents and sends them to your inbox or printer in seconds.

docQ is an app that helps you automatically generate documents. Just scan an accepted ID Card and all the relevant information will be extracted and automatically inserted into your new document based on a previously configured template (.doc/docx). Currently we support only Romanian ID Cards.

Key Features

  • Easy to use docQ app.
  • Securely Scan and Manage Your ID Documents.
  • Document Processing and Workflow Automation Solutions.
  • Process documents quicker, easier and more securely.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in your processes.

Designed for easy integration

DocQ is designed to automate documents process for different industries. This solution allows user to scan Romanian ID card or upload the photo, fill automatically a template document and sends it on e-mail in seconds. Solution is based on Office 365 platform and is also integrated to SharePoint and Microsoft Automate.

Gain more control and efficiency into your business process

Forget about documents filled manually with personal data. Customize documents and reduce errors by pre-populating documents from existing ones. Save time and allow your employees to focus on more important tasks.

Why companies need docQ

The app is a combination of document scanning, e-forms, document management software, and workflow automation that keeps your department efficient and compliant.

Solutions is the automation of key processes in all departments through the DocQ app.

Through an intelligent image capture system, data from a Romanian ID card is captured and imported automatically into an official document. In seconds.

This app, in addition to being very fast, eliminates human errors, increases the productivity and efficiency of the entire department through modern processes and helps organize perfectly the documents of a company. Works on all smartphones. And it is GDPR compliant.